Candle warmer lamp with timer

Candle warmer lamp with timer

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WOW!! Safe flameless alternative for candles: the electric candle warmer is a safer, cleaner alternative to burning traditional candles by fire. 

Flameless and smoke-free, you can leave the timer-controlled candle warmer on and leave the room without worrying about the danger of fire. Relax as the candle wax melts under the warm heat of this halogen lantern and fills your room with fragrance. Your candle's fragrance will last twice as long as burning by fire! 

Adjustable height: the candle warmer fits all your favorite candle jars, from small to large candles. The height adjustment feature reduces the gap between the candle surface and the heat from the halogen light, so you can use less heat or light to melt your candle if you wish. Simply unscrew the adjustable knob and pull the umbrella hook and you can adjust the height of the heater from 11.5 cm to 17 cm high.

Timer switch and dimmer: the candle warmer lamp comes with a safety timer on the cord, so you have the option of leaving it on or choosing to switch it off automatically in 2, 4 or 8 hours. Adjust brightness and fragrance intensity with the built-in dimmer to personalize the amount of fragrance in the room. 

**Candle sold separately.