USB lighter

USB lighter

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Cordless, butane-free USB lighter. No burn hazard. Easy to use: simply plug into a power cube, computer or car. 

Wind and splash proof. Flameless windproof technology, flame-free, environmentally friendly and reusable. The design makes this lighter ideal for candles. 

Safety and environmental protection: the refillable lighter has no butane, no flame, and high safety performance. It features a safety lock and 10-second automatic shut-off to keep children away from fire.

Five battery indicators display battery volume in real time, to remind you to charge on time. The indicator light flashes in sequence during charging; when 5 lights come on, the electric lighter is fully charged and can be used over 500 times on a single charge. 

Choice of colors. With or without long flexible neck. 

Set includes: candle lighter, USB charging cable.